Shipyard, Ink. is just me, in my garage.

One man—a single way of looking at business and relationships. Total accountability.


I have been making furniture for 11 years. I was a sculptor before that—and a truck driver before that. I love my work, I do it hard, and as best as I can. I take pride in everything that ships out of here. 


After a few years of experimentation, I developed an image transferring process that I have affectionately dubbed, "tattooing." Tattooing adds a dimension to my work that allows personalization, and  "sky-is-the-limit"  options for customizing furniture. Family photos, internet images, maps, old recipe cards. . . anything is now possible.


Many of my clients become personal friends. I love working with them—trading ideas—and then bringing the ideas to wooden fruition.


Please get in touch with me with your ideas. Click on the "Contact" page, and send me a text or an email. 

Thank you for your interest in my business.



About Shipyard, Ink.